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NERFA 2006

NERFA Schedule

Tribes Hill NERFA Showcases Friday, November 10th, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th 2006

Friday night:
11:30 Jonathan Byrd  
11:45 Open Book
12:00 Montgomery Delaney, James Durst, Kate McDonnell in the round
12:30 Susan Kane, Pat Wictor, Iris Cohen in the round
1:00 Steve Kirkman, Lara Herscovitch, Rachel Nelson in the round
1:30 Sharon Goldman, Meg Braun, Steve Chizmadia in the round
2:00 OPEN song circle

Saturday night:
11:30 Toby Walker, Todd Giudice, Elza in the round
12:00 Patrick Fitzsimmons, Kathleen Pemble, Buzz Turner in the round
12:30 Ali Chambliss, Anthony da Costa, Lipbone Redding in the round
1:00 Red Molly and Hope Machine together
1:30 David Goldman  1:45 My Dad's Truck
2:00 OPEN song circle

Saturday Afternoon, 2 to 4 p.m.:
Hope Machine hosts Tribes Hill's 3rd Annual "Undercover: A Salute To Woody Guthrie and Other Great Troubadours," an OPEN song circle. All are welcome to come sing a song of a favorite troubadour, or just play along...

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