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Tribes Hill / Folk Alliance Lose Grant

I regret to inform everyone that we were not chosen to receive a grant from the New York Music Fund for the Music to Libraries Program. I strongly believe that we presented a program that would have embraced the needs of both the artists of our region and the public who deserve to hear meaningful contemporary music.

I am disappointed by many of the choices that the Rockefeller Advisors gave the 19 million dollars to as a settlement for the "payola" scandal. I do not believe that the awards relieved the damage that was done to the many singer/songwriters that were not played on the radio. However there are some winning proposals that might be of importance to the Tribes Hill community. I've listed the 2006 winners in their entirety. There isn't a resource page published by the New York Music Fund, however you might have luck with a Google search of the information provided.

For more information on the fund:

Best wishes to you all,

Rick Rock, Director
Tribes Hill / Kindred Folk