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Sunday, September 10, 2017

8pm to 10pm

Bronx, New York

Scoot and Leo Together Again

445 W 238th St.  (Graystone Ave) Bronx, New York


Scoot and Leo Together Again
Stop on by a very cool Irish Pub in the Bronx called An Beal Bocht to see Scoot Horton and Leo Harmonay play original and cover songs.

Leo Harmonay is a singer songwriter / blues harmonica player by night, residing north of NYC in the Hudson Valley. He is a high-rise construction manager in NYC by day. Leo sings and writes original folk tinged soulful music filled with poetic imagery. You can see him live, locally in and around the Hudson Valley.

Scoot Horton play country/folk with a slight edge. He calls it Outlaw Folk. Maybe it has to do with spending over 20 years playing on the NT punk scene. Scoot has played anywhere he can from NYC to Nashville.

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