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Saturday, April 25, 2020

8:30 p.m. to 10:30 PM

New York, NY

Linda Draper and Fred Gillen Jr

116th/Broadway New York, NY


Linda Draper and Fred Gillen Jr

The Postcrypt is an "unplugged" venue. It is one of the coolest places you'll ever hear acoustic music!

Fred Gillen Jr at 8:30
Linda Draper at 9:30

“Linda Draper's illuminating sounds provides a radiant glow." No Depression
"There's some captivating magic here very, very worth exploring." All Music Guide
    “With all of these songs—pop-rock sparklers informed by the kind of edgy country and clever folk beloved by NPR subscribers—movement carries risk, but it beats staying put.” M Music & Musicians Magazine
    "Linda Draper approaches folk music with spare songs and a high register not unlike folk mama Joan Baez." Time Out New York
“Channeling the finger-plucked folk music of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, Linda Draper gets back to her acoustic roots...she sings like a siren, luring some would-be lover to his grisly doom.” American Songwriter Magazine
    “Nonchalantly and methodically, she’s built a body of work as one of the most singularly intelligent and individualistic tunesmiths in any kind of music.” New York Music Daily

    “In his earliest days, Westchester County troubadour Fred Gillen Jr. was just one more singer-songwriter hawking his wares to anyone who might pause long enough to listen. But somewhere along the way he got politicized; he tamed the rock ’n’ roll wildness; and he became an old-school folksinger, bringing music to the people instead of hoping for the people to come to him.”
——Michael Eck, Chronogram Magazine
    “Gillen is a multi-instrumentalist and a prolific poet with a point of view. His sometimes biting, but not bitter, social commentary goes down easy with softer, agreeable, and memorable melodies.”
—-Janet Goodman, Nashville Music News
    "Going to hear Fred Gillen jr play his music should is like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. It totally revolutionizes your perspective on life and how amazing it all seems."
—-Utica Pulse
    "From behind silver rectangular glasses and a scratchy old washboard, Fred Gillen Jr. reminds us that music can be a direct and accessible experience."
—Jay Spica, WVKR FM
    "uplifting, passionate, and emotional performer."
—Donegal Democrat, Ireland
    "unvarnished social commentary with folkified hoot-and-holler melodies"
—Sing Out!

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