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John Hall endorsed by Kennedy

Beacon, NY - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., announced today his endorsement of Democratic Congressional candidate John Hall in the upcoming primary and general elections.

John Hall is a leader in the fight for social and economic justice, and a tireless advocate for environmental protection, Mr. Kennedy said in a statement issued this afternoon. He has shown a true commitment to the values that make our democracy strong, and while others can talk about their plans for the future, John's actions and achievements over the years, as well as his core beliefs and vision for the road ahead, ensure that he will be the strong voice we need in Washington, DC."

I heartily endorse John Hall's candidacy for Congress, and I know that he's prepared and able to help move our nation away from the ruinous policies of the Bush administration.

John Hall thanked Kennedy for the endorsement and suggested that other Democrats in the district unite to win back the 19th District.

"I am honored and grateful to have the endorsement of man of such stature and look forward to uniting the voters of the 19th district who share our values and concerns," said Hall. The ruinous, misguided policies of the Bush administration have been rubber-stamped by Sue Kelly over the past five years. I will be a strong voice for change who will stand up for a safe end to the war in Iraq, universal health care, and affordable energy. I am fighting for the values and beliefs that have made this country great.

updated: 1 year ago