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Get Involved in Tribes Hill

Greetings Kindred Folk,

The Tribes Hill Annual Meeting is on Saturday, June 14, this year and we are looking for volunteers to help.

Volunteering at our annual meeting is a way to become more connected to the Tribes Hill community and enjoy the company of talented kindred folk. You can choose from a variety of different jobs at different times throughout the day, even before and after the day of the event. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Below is a list of the positions we need to fill. You also can find this list, along with time slots available and contact information, on our Web site,, on the Bulletin Board page. Please visit our site and sign up early.


Team leader: Andy Craig

Volunteers will set up and break down tents, tables, chairs, trash and recycling area, and build and maintain the campfire. Volunteers will be needed on Wednesday evening preceding the event (weather permitting), Sunday (the day after the event), as well as throughout the day on Saturday.


Team leader: Ruth Post

Volunteers will prepare the grill, grill food, receive and set out potluck dishes, maintain beverage centers and clean up the kitchen.


Team leader: Madhumita Chakrabartti

Volunteers for this position should feel comfortable collecting money and recording member information as members arrive throughout the day.


Team leader: Iris Cohen

Volunteers are needed to help set up sound equipment and the stage, emcee and manage the open mic, and assist sound technicians throughout the day.


Team leader: Leif Smith

This volunteer position will require making signs as needed, placing the signs where needed, and taking down the signs and putting them away.


Team leader: (still needed)

This position requires assertive people who can give instructions loudly and clearly. Volunteers will monitor the parking in the driveway and direct cars to park at the bank. A volunteer team leader for this responsibility still is needed.


Team leader: (still needed)

Volunteers for this position must have a car. Jobs may include picking up miscellaneous items as needed. This is an ongoing job throughout the event day. A volunteer team leader for this responsibility still is needed.

We're going to have lots of fun, eat delicious food, hear wonderful music and enjoy the warmth of community. We hope you will join us.


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