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Falcon Ridge and Beyond


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Tomorrow morning I leave for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, NY to join the Tribes Hill Camp for 4 days of music and fun. Please join us if you can. If you would like to camp with us call me on my cell: 914-564-9212

Best wishes to you all,

Rick Rock

Director, Tribes Hill

Falcon Ridge is celebrating their eighteenth year of music, dance, and fun on July 20th through July 23rd, 2006.

They have a new location at Dodds Farm, just off Rt. 22 in Hillsdale, NY.

This years performers incude a number of Tribes Hillers including our web designer, Jim Infantino of Jim's Big Ego, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams and David Massengill.

The emerging Artist Showcase will include Open Book, Red Molly and Pat Wictor. Golly, who will we vote for??? That's a pretty good honor considering 480 international applicants and only 22 winners!!! Jim Infantino was a winner last year from the emerging artists and is now a featured artist. Past winners included Terence Martin, Girlyman and We're About 9.

Join us in the late evening at the Tribes Hill Camp where we will play music till dawn.


Cheryl Wheeler

Chris & Meredith Thompson

Chris Pureka

Christine Lavin

Crooked Still

Dan Bern

David Massengill

disappear fear

Eddie From Ohio

Eliza Gilkyson

Eric Schwartz

Gandalf Murphy

Greg Greenway

Jason Spooner Trio

Jim's Big Ego

John Gorka

Kym Tuvim

Lowen & Navarro

Mia Dyson

Modern Man

Nerissa & Katryna Nields

Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet

Robbie Schaefer

Shawn Colvin

Susan Werner

Taxi Chain

The Ivy Vine Players

The Rowan Brothers

Tracy Grammer

Vikki True


Tickets for the 2006 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival are now available at the gate!

Regular Price

4 Day with Camping $120

4 Day w/out Camping $95

Single-day attendee tickets are available:

Date Price

Thursday, 20 July $30

Friday, 21 July $35

Saturday, 22 July $40

Sunday, 23 July $30

Children are always welcome at the festival, and we have special pricing just for them!

Category Price

4 Day with Camping (ages 12 - 16) $50

4 Day w/out Camping (ages 12 - 16) $35

Children under 12 Free!

The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival is located at Dodds Farm, just off Route 22 north of Hillsdale, New York. Hillsdale is in the Tri-State Corner of Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut, approximately one hour's drive southeast of Albany, New York, three hours' drive north of New York City, and three hours' drive west of Boston, Massachusetts.

The address of the festival site is 44 County Road 7D, Hillsdale, NY 12529.

for additional information:

Also: Heads up for the Tribes Hill Annual Meeting on August 7th at Hammond House!!!

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