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You're Dangerous - Stephen Scholle

from Emerging Artists & New Releases

Sittin on your stoop lookin pretty as a peach
Can’t say I blame me I’m a fool for your bleach
Wastin all my time wishin you were mine
And I finally get you home and I learn that it’s a crime

Chorus 1
You’re dayn-gerous You don’t see what you’re doin
You’re dayn-gerous You got me really stewin
You got me believing in your story kinda fast
You’re day – yay –yanger -ous

Feelin mighty fine cuz I finally know your mine
Workin through the petty stuff that comes from time to time
Then I learn that you been cheatin but it hasn’t been on me
You haven’t even mentioned us to your family

Chorus 2
You’re dayn-gerous You don’t know what you’re doin
You’re dayn-gerous You got me comin and goin
You’re sayin yah-de yah-de but it’s just a lot a sass
You’re day – yay –yanger -ous

Tryin to guess your reasons when there’s stuff you never tell
All your petty secrets make me feel like I’m in hell
You ‘spect me to read your mind and you trash me when I can’t
I ask you what you’re feelin and you just go on a rant

Chorus 3
You’re dayn-gerous You don’t hear what you’re sayin
You’re dayn-gerous You got me really prayin
Your talkin to your shrink and you're stuck inside your past
You’re day – yay –yanger -ous

Wastin all my efforts my money down the drain
Keepin you in chiffon it’s drivin me insane
You want what’s yours you want what’s mine , OK I want for you what’s best
But you’re spendin all my savings and you’re squanderin the rest

Chorus 4
You’re dayn-gerous You don’t know what your feelin
You’re dayn-gerous You got me really reelin
You’re workin on your figure and you’re on a liquid fast
You’re day – yay –yanger -ous

You expect me to believe you when you stay away for days
You come home and tell me you were visiting aunt Louise
We both know she died last year you're messin with my brain
Who in their right mind would suck up all this lousy pain

Chorus 5
You’re dayn-gerous You must know what you’re doin
You’re dayn-gerous You’re givin me a screwin
We keep this up one of us ‘ll wind up on their ass
You’re day – yay –yanger --
Day – yay –yanger --
Day – yay –yanger ….
Who you callin … “us”


from Rhymes with Folly, words and music by Stephen Scholle

updated: 8 years ago