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Talking Life (Problem Solved) - James Durst

from Tribes Hill - Limited Edition

Talking Life (Problem Solved)

Out of infinite Love emerged primitive life
Which reproduced itself devoid of husband or wife
Until the design became more complicated
And not so easily replicated
Then came sex
Problem solved
And we evolved

Lifeforms came and lifeforms went
In this expansive, explosive experiment
Some met dead ends, some made the cut
And crawled out of the you-know-what
We grew our brains out
Problem solved
And we evolved

Now, early hominids lived in fear
Of the tiger's teeth and his neighbor's spear
And with the deepening of the night
Came fitful sleep an' increasing fright
Then came fire
Problem solved
And we evolved

And though fire would help to keep the dark at bay
Demons danced where the shadows played
Our imaginations wandered, our anxiety stayed
It's what we couldn't see that kept us afraid
Then came religion
Problem solved
And we evolved

Replacing malignant ghosts with some more benign
We got outside help that we would call divine
And we projected our desire for timely salvation
Upon personifications of separation
Then came science
Problem solved
And we evolved

And like with most species, some stayed behind
Comforted by the familiar ties that blind
And rather than continue to evolve and grow
Kept company with the devils they know
Despite ample evidence
Of sight and mind
They stayed behind

The words Evolution and Creation
Are terms that tend to polarize a nation
Yet betwixt them common stories told
Of how the two continue to unfold
Design? Sure. Intelligence? You bet.
Both involved
Problem solved

Oh, I expect one day we'll reunite
With the ground of ultimate appetite
The lust that life has just to be
Will welcome home its progeny
With no more problems to be solved
We'll have evolved

And in one exquisite embrace
Transcending matter, time and space
We'll coalesce with whence we came
The source of all that has no name
And in one final revolution
We'll have fulfilled our "cre-evolution"
We'll have evolved

--Traditional Talking Blues, Words by James Durst © 2005 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

updated: 12 years ago