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I Wish You Good Evening

I wish you clear sailing
I wish you calm seas
May your sails come to life
On the sweet billowed breath of a breeze

I wish you safe harbor
I wish you sweet dreams
May your tempest be never so
Troubled and tossed as it seems

I wish you clear vision
I wish you strong voice
May you walk straight an' tall
Down the well-lighted path of your choice

I wish you good lover
I wish you true friend
May you find 'neath the guise of one person
A balance and blend

I wish you full dance card
I wish you full moon
May the band know the music and words
To your favorite tune

I wish you full belly
I wish you square meals
May you only know hunger for knowledge
And thirst for ideals

I wish you bold venture
I wish you bright star
May you know someone loves
And appreciates all that you are

I wish you rich harvest
I wish you glad heart
May your work in the world
Transcend work and come closer to art

I wish you good evening
I wish you godspeed
May your journey through life
Be focused and purposeful, rich and rewarding,
Ennobling in spirit, in thought, word and deed
In thought, word and deed

I Wish You Good Evening
- James Durst © PhoeniXongs ASCAP