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Monthly Gatherings

Hosting a Monthly Gathering

Hosting a Monthly Gathering
Our monthly (First-Monday) gatherings have gone on tour! That is to say, we outgrew Hammond House on a regular basis and Rick, our Founder, wanted to share the joy of hosting with the Tribes Hill community. In response, our members volunteer their homes for these musical potluck gatherings. Our Community Gatherings have been a huge success. Many thanks to those who have been so gracious to open their homes and prepare our meal.

If you would like to hold a Tribes Hill gathering at your home, please let us know by emailing to both:;
Your note should include the month you are considering with alternate, your phone numbers with best calling times and any other pertinent information or considerations. For those outside of the lower Hudson region that would like to host a Tribes Hill "first Monday" gathering in your area, you have our support. We will post all of these events on the Tribes Hill calendar.

You can usually expect 20 - 30 people and a LOT of music. You would simply serve a pasta and salad dinner; the guests bring the rest. It's important to be aware of dairy, corn and soy restrictions in the menu; Please be sure to click on 'Additional Information" to read important details. You will be reimbursed for the basic meal expense through donations by the generous folks attending. Also, people are asked in the potluck tradition to bring additional food and drink to share! Once scheduled, we'll post your address with any driving details and contact information on the Tribes Hill calendar.