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Dan Bonis - Delivering the Cake

Dan Bonis
Delivering the Cake

Dan Bonis has often been known as the guy with the strange looking guitar sitting upon his lap that accompanies other artists on stage and in the studio. A quite and gentle man, he would often sit off to the side of the spotlight until an opportunity would arise for an instrumental riff or possibly a solo. I've witnessed nothing short of amazement and delight coming from the audience at such an opportunity. Well, the spot light is certainly on Dan with his first CD release. He is joined by many of the artists he had accompanied in the past; Rick Gedney, Michele Rubin, Terence Martin and Tony Zuzolo are just a few. I applaud Billy Masters once again for another fine production. He brings out the best in all. The chemistry flows generously.

Dan works magic with the guitar. His empathy with his instrument, whether it be the exotic Kona, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Dulcimer, Banjo or lap steel, is always heartfelt and inspiring. His compositions are food for thought. You can have your cake and eat it too. It is a real treat to finally hear Dan's voice on a couple of traditional songs he covers. He's out of the closet. He can sing too.

Delivering the Cake is an easy listen. The mixture of Blues, Traditional Folk and original instrumental pieces blend well as a whole. The CD has been in my stereo for a few weeks and I'm not taking it out any time soon. Congratulations are well deserved for this artist's artist.

Review by Rick Rock