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Please check out the link above or below to see a performance by David Goldman and fellow members of Tribes Hill calling forth hope and faith from our Solstice Concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall on December 14th. Hudson Valley Music Channel is currently producing a DVD of the entire show. This is a rough mix that we are putting out in order to solicit contributions for its production. Those interested in making a contribution should contact Rick Rock or Simon Feldman through All donations over $100. will be acknowledged in the final credits.

Thanks for supporting regional music!!!

Tribes Hill is a nonprofit organization uniting musician of the lower Hudson Valley region and their patrons in support of a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs. It is a conceptual gathering place for people of all races, politics, and faiths coming together to explore and celebrate the human experience through song.

We believe that music is an affirmation of the spirit and is capable of transcending the human condition. We also believe that we must learn to coexist on this planet and that music, as a profound language, has the ability to unite people in a common experience, as well as help us better understand our differences. We see our organization as being a unique channel for music and its appreciation.

Please join our mailing list. It is free. We will keep you informed of upcoming events and performance opportunities for members. Membership is $15. a year for an individual or $25. for a family or band.