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Death of George Mc Tavey

To my Friends and Family,
It is with the heaviest of hearts that I am writing to let you know that George McTavey, my friend and fellow musician Sloan's beloved husband, passed away on Saturday night.  He fought such a long hard fight with so much grace and determination. Many of his family and friends were around him when he died. In the end, it wasn't the CLL(Leukemia) that killed him but the complications from his transplant.  He fought for months and now he is resting.  I am writing everyone on my personal email list who might have known her, or known her through me, felt her incredible light and what she has given me and the world.  I am writing to ask that you keep Sloan, Sam and Gabe in your prayers.

    The battle for my friend Sloan and her sons is just beginning. However, with the help of others, even though she may not completely believe it in her heart at this very moment, I know with complete certainty she WILL be Ok.  One of the biggest hurdles, other than saying goodbye, is that George was the main breadwinner in the family.  He supported Sloan so she could do her music.  The extended length of his illness has depleted their savings.  She is worried but I am not. I know that with the folk community and her family and friends supporting her she is going to be fine.  There is a website set up to facilitate donations and to alert folks to upcoming fundraisers. Please check it out, bookmark it, visit it from time to time. I believe we can help her for a little while until she finds her footing. And she will.

The website is:

If you would like to write, her address is:
16 Harris Rd
Katonah, NY 10536

  Please pass on the above info to anyone you think should know or that I may have missed.  I will certainly keep you posted on upcoming events and fundraisers.  Together we will celebrate George's life and as a community of fellow human beings, help a friend.

  Love to you all,
Cadence Carroll