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Tribes Hill - We're All Here

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released 2010   Tribes Hill - "We're All Here" - our fourth compilation release

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Tribes Hill - "We're All Here" - our fourth compilation CD is a collection of studio recordings by participating members of the Hudson River Valley's community based music cooperative, Tribes Hill.

"Were All Here" is a newly-released double-CD compilation of songs from various independent artists. Featuring originals songs by many of the most talented regional singer/songwriters of our time including: Susan Kane; Steve Chizmadia; Abbie Gardner; Red Molly; Steve Kirkman; Joe Iadanza; Matt Turk; Fred Gillen Jr.; Chuck E. Costa; James Durst; Spuyten Duyvil; Anthony da Costa; Kelly Flint; KJ Denhert; David Goldman; the YaYas; Lara Herscovitch and more.  This record is filled with acoustic guitars, harmonious voices, heartfelt lyrics - the Tribes Hill philosophy of comradery put to work in the studio!  Please help support folk music and the arts in Westchester; order your copy today at CD Baby.  

Here's a great review published in Chronogram that sums it up enthusiastically:

CD Review: Tribes Hill: We’re All Here

by Robert Burke Warren, May 27, 2011

Tribes Hill is a thriving lower Hudson Valley-based label that also functions as an industrious non-profit collective of diverse folk musicians deeply committed to bringing people together through song. We’re All Here, the organization’s fourth release, furthers their mission by packing 34 quality tracks onto two CDs. It’s a troubadour smorgasbord; young and old, slick and quirky, political and personal, trad and experimental. Although acoustic string instruments abound, Tribes Hill is certainly not shy about allowing the occasional drummer into the party or letting the funky guitarist plug in. The house concert may still draw the cops.

While the divergent styles promise something for everyone, there are strong connecting threads on We’re All Here: All acts promote the Pete Seeger-inspired template of strength through community, all are New York-based, and all are hell bent on getting you to sing along. And you will. To Abbie Gardner’s aching waltz “Crazy in Love,” Phil Dollard’s crustily wise “Whirligig of Time,” Marc Black’s jazzy “I Love My Coffee,” Red Molly’s testifyin’ “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning,” young buck Anthony Da Costa’s funky “Love Is Not Enough,” David Goldman’s unapologetically rocking “Blue Collar Town,” KJ Denhert’s sleekly sexy “Beautiful,” and the synthy, echo-laden harmonies of Eddie Denise’s “The Equation.” There are, of course, many other song wielders, some who want to charm, some who wish to inspire, a couple who seem intent on annoying you, but you’ll be glad you let them in. When the grid goes down, these folks will rule.