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Remembering James...

Planetary Citizen James Durst: Celebration of Life and Music

Remembering James
Saturday, May 28 at 2 PM - 5 PM

468 Rosedale Ave White Plains NY 10605 at the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregational Church

Meet and Greet from 2 pm to 3 pm
Celebration from 3pm to 5 pm

Please note that parking will be at the two lower lots. Upper lot is reserved for dropping off and picking up only with a few handicapped parking spaces.

More info here:

Planetary Citizen James Durst: Celebration of Life and Music

5/22/16 Woody's Children (a wonderful tribute to James by Bob Sherman and Madhumita Chakrabartti). Please note that there is a slow start.

In addition to the May 28 celebration we will dedicate an hour to the music of James Durst performed by his friends at the Tribes Hill Annual Gathering on June 11th.

Those interested in performing should contact Rick Rock at 914-564-9212 or email him at

The river just keeps flowing on and on...
The Sun keeps going round to bring the dawn,
Life just keeps on going til it looks as though it's gone
But it really keeps on flowing on and on...

- James Durst

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