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Crazy in Love -  Abbie Gardner

Crazy in Love

Wish you'd be jealous, just this once
Wish you'd act crazy, so crazy in love
You're so calm and so cool
Yeah you're nobody's fool
But I wish, you'd be crazy, in love

I wish you'd show up, wherever I go
Tell me you love me, stop assuming I know
Then drive through the rain
Just to tell me again
Say you're crazy, so crazy, in love

I wish you'd be desperate, 'stead of always so calm
If you can take it or leave it, I may as well just be gone
I need you to need me
Like I need eyes to see
I wish, you'd be crazy, for me

Now I'm laying alone in this bed here tonight
How I wish you'd come knockin', and turn on the light
Kiss me til I know
That you'll never let go
Oh I wish, you'd be crazy.
I wish you'd be crazy
I wish.
You'd be crazy
In love

music and lyrics - Abbie Gardner