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Business Meeting Minutes


Minutes 12/1/08

Members Present:
Mary Beth Kean
Madhumita Chakrabartti
David Goldman
Joe Iadanza
Janice Rost
Bill Wisnowski
Susan Kane
Marc Black
Leif Smith
Rick Rock
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Barb Prisament
Andy Craig
John Gellor
Matt Turk
Eric Puente
Fred Gillen Jr.
Stuart Markus
Glen Rothel
Paul Silverman
Jay Mafale
Joe Duraes
Paul Helou

Susan called the meeting to order. Noted absence of "Member's Present" in minutes
Acceptance of September Minutes:
Fred motioned to accept. Joe Iadanza seconded. Minutes accepted by acclamation.
Susan asked people to contribute to the Pig for the meal and thanked preparers.
Jay and new member read the mission, vision, and goals.

Westchester's Greatest Hits
Because discussion is not formally in minutes because we briefed during non biz meeting Susan suggested revisiting key points.
Soft ticket sales.
Quality of music was great.
Dvd is in the works. Some people saw Dvd footage before the meeting.
Artists are wondering about how they can get copies of the video.
Everyone hasn't signed release forms.

Treasurer's Report:
Madhumita gave report.
Balance $4471.00
Madhumita was unable to complete IRS form. Couldn't log in. Will follow up during office hours.

Folk Alliance membership benefits for Tribes Hill members:
You must renew July 1 to August 30 to get the Folk Alliance benefit.
We send our Member list to Folk Alliance September 1. You must be on that list to get the Folk Alliance Membership Benefits for the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30)

NERFA debrief:
Had some problem with posting of the Saturday afternoon workshop in brochure
Only signed up 3 new members.
Went over budget at least $118.00
Susan noted: couldn't find schedule for exhibit hall table volunteers and we needed a bank.
Some show-casers didn't have big attendance.
Bill requested to open discussion on line regarding getting more people into the room.
Bill wants to start planning much earlier next year.

Solstice Show
Will be discussed after the meeting.

2009 Annual Meeting (planning)
Carl will continue as organizer for Annual Meeting.
Saturday June 6, 2009 is the date.
Artists will be asked to submit proposals for the "show" following the business meeting/potluck

2009 Folk Alliance Conference
Susan has been discussing with Rick and Mike Kornfeld doing something with Acoustic Music Scene. We have many members going.
•Perhaps guerilla showcases, First night song circle.
Need to rent a room to host events.
Exhibit Hall table is more expensive. Could market "Tribes Hill Presents" from table.
Will post area on the bulletin board for Folk Alliance Conference discussion.

Email news blast
Have info to MB by Monday following meeting. Send Information to post on the website and short (5 words) for the blast.
Remember to sign up on the site to receive emails

Tribes Hill Songbook.
Fred fielded questions. Songs submitted should be easy for others to learn.

Rick has submitted grant proposal for show next September at the Tarrytown Music Hall 3:00. The theme is man and the Hudson river. Show will include original songs, co wrote with Rick. Show will also include video, dance, music. Already have interview footage of Pete talking about the river. Look for more information on the bulletin board.

Joe I. motioned to accept minutes. Matt seconded. Motion accepted by acclamation. Meeting adjourned.