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Backwoods Jupiter presents Bob Dylan's Desire

Backwoods Jupiter presents Bob Dylans Desire
What happens when you take a bunch of real, live working musicians and put them in a studio? An homage to Bob Dylan that represents the music that Dylan and so many of his fellow folk singers brought to the mainstream a generation ago.

Born out of singer/songwriter Julie Corbalis’ inability to pick just one song on the album to cover, this re-issue of Desire strives to deliver the same rough, anything-might-happen feel the original managed to achieve 35 years ago. Corbalis gathered an eager group of Hudson Valley and New York City musicians into Woody’s House studio to celebrate not only Dylan’s words and notes but his fierce courage to allow music to develop.  The result is the band Backwoods Jupiter, made up of Fred Gillen, Jr., Matt Turk, Steve Kirkman, Tadd Kroneck, Debbie Tuzman, Elliott Glick, Curtis Schmidt, Phil Dollard, Eric Puente, Scott Urgola, Paul Silverman and Julie Corbalis.  This tribute album celebrates amazing songwriting, great melodies and instrumentation, and a lyrical style that has become overshadowed in today’s over-produced pop world.  Perhaps most importantly, it shows what happens when musicians get together and just play. The result is a raw, emotion-filled tribute to the story-songs of Desire.

Released to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the Billboard-chart topping album, Backwoods Jupiter Presents Bob Dylan’s Desire re-captures that mid-70s feeling and celebrates the art and passion of one of the greatest American songwriters.

Backwoods Jupiter presents Bob Dylan's Desire CD Release Party
8PM - 11PM
5 John Walsh Blvd
Peekskill New York 10566
914-739-0337 [map]
Price: $15 (live music & CD included)