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Better Things - Judy Kass

You smile past them as they move away
Leaving little to repair
So you paint the space that lies between
All the bodies that are vessels for the air

Such a trove of possibility
And you’ll gladly pay your dues
But the waiting seems to never end
For the choices that you leave yourself to choose

The better things, the better things, better things
I can't count the times I've felt you near
With your hues of black and gray
Casting spells with you fragility
And the shadow of the trouble that you'd share

Would you walk away from fantasy,
Or the image of yourself?
Hurling lightning bolts at your enemies
That burned holes in the stories on your shelf

For better things, the better things, better things…
Slammed into a wall
And your new found friend’s the one you call
To hold you steady when you stumble,
She can catch you when you fall

And lead you to the road of better things.
Better things, better things..
Such a trove of possibility
And the promise that it brings

You touched souls with your ability
To ignite a flame of light on an eagle’s' wings
And be one with her in search of better things


from Better Things, words and music by Judy Kass