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Dancin Fingers Dancin Toes - Stephen Scholle

Dancin fingers dancin toes
Dancin partners dosey-doe
Makin music’s about your feet
Keepin time, keepin beat

Now your playin the jazz guitar
Like a big-band orchestra
Keepin time, keepin beat
Dance those fingers like dancin feet

Same old story on the tenor sax
Clarinet, don’t be lax
Don’t be shy, don’t be frail
Let it go, let it wail

Keep it goin on the trumpet
Dance those fingers, really pump it
Slide that arm, slide that bone
Slide it up and take us home

If you want to play the fiddle
Don’t be shy, let your fingers diddle
That’s so sweet the way you make it sing
Play it man, make it swing

And lest we forget you low down there
Tappin our toes, tappin the air
It ain’t called rhythm without this ace
We got Harry on the double bass

And in the orchestra we ain’t dumb
We know where that beat comes from
Whack those cymbals, whack that drum
Keep us dancin til kingdom come

Dance those fingers dancin toes
Dancin partners dosey-doe
Kick up your heels or take a seat
Makin music’s about your feet


from Rhymes with Folly, words and music by Steve Scholle

Recorded at Jay and Molly's Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp, Swing Week 2012, Campers' Night.

Track credits: Stephen Scholle - voice, Larry Baione- guitar, Harry Vinegar- bass, Max Rainwater - fiddle, Jay Widenhice - trumpet, Boneman- trombone, Dean Sturtevant - clarinet, Rich Mayer - drums. Production: Mark Dann