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Business Meeting Minutes


12/2009 Tribes Hill Minutes

Members Present:
Joe Cromwell
Phil Dollard
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Rick Rock
Cindy Cromwell
Mike Morris
James Durst
Ruth Post
Catherine Miles
Jay Mafale
Mary Beth Kean
Eric Puente
Susan Kane
Charlie Brady
Janice Rost
Carl Knobloch
Steve Vernon
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Andy Craig
Rick Anheman
Marc Black
Richard Magill
Barbara Prisament

Susan called the meeting to order, she circulated the minutes, thanked Eric and Cindy for dinner, asked everyone to feed the pig then she read the mission statement. Andy read the Guiding principles.

Carl moved to accept minutes. Cindy seconded. Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer's Report
Madhumita gave the report.
We have $5400 in the bank. She will have a report for the River Songs show next month. Much of that money has already been allocated for CD and DVD.

Susan said it went well. Carl did a great job with the room. Our table was in a dark far away controversial spot. There was some good traffic. We took in some new members.
Bill, the chairman of the committee could not be here. He will report at next meeting. Carl felt the guerilla showcases went very well he thinks the way we did it this year worked better. We had a great location near the elevator, near Ali and Kathleen. Carl got plenty of sleep.

We will be doing a private show this year at the Katonah club-house. We need people to sign up for set up and break down, and pot luck. This will be more of a circle of song. Arrive at 6:00 for set up and the festivities will follow. Rick suggested we RSVP through the Bulletin Board on the site noting what we will bring. "Are you coming, what are you bringing?"  Email blast should include following info: there are no pots for heating, bring serving ware, paper ware, cutlery.
Music will be in the form of a song circle.

Compilation CD
Susan gave an update. She is waiting for a few stragglers to get their release forms in. Her idea for the artwork is an image of many musical instruments. Rick will take some photos at the Solstice. Jay will ask Paul if he can take the photo at the Solstice.

Folk Alliance Membership
Folk Alliance group membership needs to be renewed. This allows Tribes Hill members to certain Folk Alliance benefits. James moved to renew our membership under Folk Alliance.  Andy seconded. Motion carried by acclamation.

Web Site
We briefly discussed interfacing Artist data with our calendar and redesigning the website. Iris moved to form a committee to revamp site. Janice seconded. Motion carried. Eric volunteered to head the committee. Eric as head of new committee asked for wish list items to be sent to him. Jay Mafale volunteered to be on committee, Susan volunteered. Rick A will request info from his relatives in the field.

Susan asked for members to consider taking on officer positions in June.

River-Songs DVD.
Rick has a draft of the DVD and can make copies after the meeting. There were some problems with the sound. The quality varies. Additional editing needs to be done. Rick would like to whittle 2 hours down to 1 hour through a democratic process once performers have seen the footage. He requested that the artists watch the footage and give him their feedback. Rick also has footage from previous solstices and Westchester's Greatest Hits show. He will make copies with assistance after the meeting.
We spent $3000 on the filming of the footage. Rick has one $500 contribution toward the cost. We may be able to use our "Music To Libraries" fund. We had donations toward the filming of the Westchester's Greatest Hits Show.

Tarrytown Music Hall
Once we have financial information from the River Songs show we can pursue legal remedy for our reimbursement from Tarrytown music hall for our $1500 deposit.

Urban H2O
Susan received information regarding the Urban H20 from Spuyten Duyvil and was surprised the project had advanced so far without discussion. Mark (Tribes Hill member) from Spuyten Duyvil received a $6000 donation from his family and proceeded with planning, these funds are being administered by Beczak. In the early stages it was important to have things worked out with Beczak. Rick feels this has been accomplished. Rick has insisted that Mark form a committee of Tribes Hill members so our interests can be considered in the future. There will be a suggested admission of $10 plus a tip jar for the artists (near the free beer). Rick and Mark have struggled with the finances. Mark has begun booking through May. Jay expressed gratitude to Rick and Mark for getting this going and asked what could be done now for more people to become involved. Rick wants to step back from the committee with Mark and hopes others will step forward to be on the committee. Susan Kane, Andy Craig, and Jay Mafale would like to join Mark on the Urban H2O Committee.
We will need volunteers for the shows, the third Saturday of each month and would like to find a caterer for food.

Assistant Director
Rick would like to form a new position because he needs help. This Assistant Director will have a key to the house, will be privy to details of Tribes Hill and will act on Rick's behalf in his absence. Rick would like to recommend Iris for the position. He trusts her with this responsibility and has discussed this with her. James motioned, Cindy seconded to make Iris Assistant Director. Motion carried.

9:30 Carl moved to adjourn, James seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.