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Business Meeting Minutes


Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director

Officers Present
Matt Turk, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary

Board Members
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Phil Dollard
James Durst
Fred Gillen Jr
Mary Beth Kean
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Barb Prisament
Eric Puente
Steve Scholle
Bill Wisnowski

Officers Not Present:
All present
Board Members Not Present
Joe Cromwell
Cindy Cromwell
Steve Kirkman
Mike Kornfeld
Bob Kresse
Curtis Schmidt

Non Board Member Committee Heads Not Present
Mark Miller, Urban H20

MINUTES from 9/19/11:
Call to Order: by our President at 8:30 pm
Previous Minutes (June 2011) were reviewed. Iris motions to accept, Pete seconds; minutes accepted.

President Matt presided as follows:
Matt’s introduces his Five Point Plan. This was followed by a lengthy member discussion on direction of TH (“Direction” now “Discovery” Committee for what do we want and need.) Discussion included: prioritizing, creating/discovering –make TH a regional music hub, growth thru TH big events, increasing regional audiences, target market youth (25 y/o+) demographic; membership dues; grant funding; investor solicitation; business analysis, incorporation; more active committee heads, and volunteers; poll/survey members and public; hold annual pubic events where we play together, showcase our members like our songbook idea; use Monday Gatherings to inform and solicit; use and promote TH Calendar on member’s gig announcements; promote TH, artists, CDs, at gigs; communicate with other venues for networking, promoting (mailings, TH table, etc.), reciprocal postings; website enhancements; seek and use strong Folk scene models

Tarrytown Music Hall (TTMH): Discussion with ideas shared about possibilities for annual event for 2012.  Committee will meet via e-mail to plan.

Website: Curtis has been unable to continue; Fred and Janice join Rick and Eric on Committee. Eric will send email inviting website experienced volunteers for committee; Per Rick: re TH growth, website is top priority - it defines our community and how we're doing, key is more involvement in updating website, Rick as Editor in Chief, with group sharing responsibilities; Eric suggests that we need a back office administration/point person. Discussed: clearly defining what we want and need before site enhancement; benefits from features on Facebook like post from TH calendar to Facebook, RSS feed, site sync with other calendars like Reverbnation; blog posts written by different members

Membership: Discussion included: interface with website re fundraising, membership messages going to current members to draw new members; importance of website content as it reflects our branding; connecting membership and gatherings (ex- read “script” about TH); selling buttons at events (Ex. “I am TH”)

Grants Committee: Discussion included: needing a concept that can win grant; ask volunteers or hire someone? Per Rick - research who gives grants…vision, then concept, then sources…director has eye on grants, then volunteers write grant;
Grants is not a committee per se- committee members create an idea, then Grant Committee members formed specifically to fund that idea; have Funding under Grants; use sites like and also inform membership of future shows that needs funding; need liaison for Arts Westchester to use calendar, etc.

NERFA: We have no showcase room this year; we’ll be a presence in presentation room. Committee needs to get info out before and at NERFA; NERFA can increase peers, but not regional audience base.
From e-notes prior to NERFA: “The YaYas (Catherine Miles, Jay Mafale & Paul Silverman) will be attending NERFA. As always, we're happy to take a couple of shifts at the table and help clean up.” Carl is volunteering to provide the room. Bill has volunteered to head the NERFA committee. Susan Lang has volunteered to coordinate the Exhibition Hall. Rick will probably not attend this year.

Solstice: Iris is Committee Head; she needs song submissions. Marc will reach out to former and new contributors for music. We’ll have first Monday Gathering on 12/5 be rehearsal pot luck dinner party at Katonah Lake House, same as last year.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan reports - As of 9/18/11 Tribes Hill has cash of $2101.95; $510 in PayPal and $1591 in bank. Only expense thus far in fiscal 2012 is $70 for beer brought up to Falcon Ridge.

Committees: Matt reviewed; will be updated and posted on site
Direction Committee still needs head. Steve joins as member.

Meeting Schedule: - 2012 dates have been scheduled through June; they are – 1/16, 4/16, 6/10

Adjournment: MaryBeth motions; Barb seconds; motion accepted.
Closing: President closes meeting at 10:35 pm