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Business Meeting Minutes

2010 Annual Meeting

2010  Tribes Hill Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 12, 2010
5:25 pm Susan Kane called the meeting to order.
Cindy Cromwell motioned to accept 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes, Mike Kornfeld seconded. All agreed. Minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting were accepted.

Susan will be stepping down as President after serving for three years not including a partial year term. Matt Turk will be taking her place.  Bill Wisnowski is stepping down as Vice President, and Pete Tamburrini will be taking his place.  Madhumita Chakrabartti has held the position of Treasurer since our beginning. She will be stepping down and Susan Kane will be taking over from her.  Mary Beth Kean has been Secretary for five years, and Janice Rost will be taking this position.  Responsibility for the web site and membership had been part of the role of the Secretary. We agreed to separate these responsibilities out and create two new, non-officer positions.  Curt Schmidt will be web master and Bill Wisnowski will be taking on membership.

Treasurer's report was given by Madhumita.  We were successful in completing the compilation CD, covering expenses with a Puffin grant and artists contributing money. Thanks to Susan, Rick, Barb, and Mary Beth.  We have $2900 in the bank. Some of this is allocated for the Music to Libraries fund.  We have about 115 members. We signed up a few new members today. Existing members were asked to remember to renew their memberships. Donations in excess of dues are tax deductible.

Today we are celebrating the release of our new compilation CD.
Susan noted additional accomplishments from the past year.  We started Urban H2O, a joint venture with the Beczak Environmental Center. Matt and Fred continue their work on the Tribes Hill Song Book. We produced a Holiday program at Ruth Post’s lake house, which we hope to repeat this year as a rehearsal for the Solstice show. We formed an alliance with Acoustic Music Scene at Folk Alliance. We reduced the number of business meetings from monthly to four per year. The rest of the meetings are music and pot-luck dinners. She encouraged members to come to the table with ideas for new projects.

Susan invited current board members to the stage and encouraged others to volunteer to be on the board. The following members came to the stage.

Fred Gillen, Jr.
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Susan Kane
Mike Kornfeld
Curt Schmidt
Iris Cohen
Jay Mafale
Carl Knobloch
Eric Puente
James Durst
Rick Anheman
Janice Rost
Pete Tamburrini
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Rick Rock
Mary Beth Kean
Barb Prisament

James Durst moved to accept by acclamation the slate of new board members and officers.
Iris seconded. No one opposed. The board was accepted and new officers elected.

Susan introduced Fred Gillen, Jr. to introduce this year's honorary lifetime member.

Fred introduced Catherine Michaels, a DJ at WHUD who continues to promote local artists.
She said she was feeling the vibe and the energy. She continues lobbying and complaining when necessary to get local music on the radio.   She said it was such an honor to be here and to be honored. She said, "Keep doing what you are doing I'll keep doing what I am doing and together we will have a wonderful life."

Susan called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Carl Knobloch motioned, Fred Gillen seconded.  Susan adjourned meeting at 5:50 pm.