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Business Meeting Minutes



Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director

Matt Turk, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary

Board Members
Fred Gillen Jr
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Curtis Schmidt
Jay Mafale
Carl Knobloch
Eric Puente
James Durst
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Rick Rock
Mary Beth Kean
Barb Prisament
Bill Wisnowski
Mark Miller
Steve Kirkman
Cindy Cromwell
Phil Dollard

Committee Heads
Mark Miller, Urban H20

Board Members Not Present
Rick Anheman
Mike Kornfeld
Andy Craig
Joe Duraes
Lara Herscovitch

Matt called meeting to order at 8:20pm

As Website Administrator, Curtis stated he will post minutes received from Secretary; moved by Matt seconded by Cindy; motion accepted.

James motions to omit the reading the mission statement due to large agenda; first part only was read by Rick.

Treasurer’s Report: Susan will give at future meeting.

TH CD: Discussed: cost, the promo/press release, producer’s note and review (each contributor reviews another’s song), send to djs; targeted promo (write-ups for different purposes); link to CD baby, sales from our site; participating artists actively distribute.

TH Website: Erik and Slab Media have been working out revisions. Eric will continue to do so until this round of enhancements are done, then turn administrative duties over to Curtis; important to maintain adequate budget to future site related costs; compare and choose payment vendor. Pete, not Secretary, responds to emails that come to site; need to change “sec @” needs to “info@”.

Solstice Show: Bezcak (Urban H2O) is the venue most wanted; Bill moves to accept Beczac; Carl seconds motion; passed. two shows suggested, one at another location such as WP Church; perhaps have a sample of music added to others shows there, etc; promo/press - publicity will be handled by Lenore at Beczak; James moves to call it Urban H20 Presents Tribes Hill Solstice; motions accepted. Content of show: Committee formed to plan pre concert and concert content (Mary Beth, James, Iris, Rick, Janice); use website for call for songs.

NERFA: Bill and Carl have been the logistical operations team again this year. Fred will lead Sat. night with songs from the Songbook; after, those without showcases can sign up for ad hoc round robin which has been very successful. Mary Beth moves that artists who participate in NERFA donate towards the TH budget to finance it; Pete seconds; discussion follows with suggestions that participants contribute in some way – time, money, etc.; how to communicate this need; Fred will join committee and write draft of note of request; also something in print to educate folks at NERFA about TH needed; last year we used inserted info placed into our brochure.

Membership and Brochure: Discussed issues relating to timing and new member names being included on list for membership in Folk Alliance; new members not registering online so each year we lose members; Jay offers to input data. Mark and Janice join Susan and Bill on the Membership Committee. The TH brochure needs review and reprint; Mary Beth, Fred, Janice James, Curtis and Jay are the Brochure Committee. Membership and Brochure needs to work together.

Monthly Meetings: Rick presents new concept of moving meetings to a larger venue that will provide us with meal and place to play music; all will look and report findings.

Board needs to hear from three members who have not been heard from lately to confirm their intentions to remain on the Board of Directors. Joe moves to contact via email to alert them; seconded by Curtis; motion passed. Dinner procedure for meetings depends on new venue.

Tarrytown Music Hall: Theater Director confirmed our credit with indefinite use deadline. Discussed: who could headline our future TH show. Committee formed to handle communications with TTMH: Barb, Matt, Pete, Rick and Janice.

Publicity: Committee established including Curtis, Jay, Barb, Eric, Matt, Fred, Steven and Susan.  Matt requests that board put new ideas for TH bookings on list serve.  4th Annual “Take me to the River" festival showcased local artists; Matt and Fred described TH from main stage. The Merchandise table staffed by TH members worked well. New Song model used was successful.

Folk Alliance: Matt tells us that Tribes Hill is invited to present workshop at folk alliance in Memphis.  Curtis reports that discounted registration fee is available for any Tribes Hill members who wish to attend; send him an email at before registering for important information.

Grants: WestArts grants proposal: Janice investigated and reported that they wanted an active credentialed music therapist and had some applicants; deadline within a week did not give enough time to canvass membership. Matt is already roster artist.  We need a grants committee; need to apply for grants every year.

President’s agenda completed; thanks us for being here.

Mary Beth moves to adjourn, Cindy seconds; meeting adjourned at 10:53pm