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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill (TH) March 2010 Meeting Minutes (3/1/10)  Members Present:
Joe Cromwell
Phil Dollard
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Rick Rock
Cindy Cromwell
Mike Morris
James Durst
Catherine Miles
Jay Mafale
Eric Puente
Susan Kane
Janice Rost
Carl Knobloch
Iris Cohen
Pete Tamburrini
Rick Anheman
Richard Magill
Barbara Prisament
Bill Wisnowski
Fred Gillian Jr.
Mark Houlihan
Matt Turk
Steve Sholle
8:20 pm: Susan called meeting to order.  Dinner sign-up list was passed; also a "what can you do" list. We were asked by Rick and Susan, and later by Iris, to write what we can/will do, such as board member, board executive, or anything that might be contributed.   Iris and Pete were acknowledged for making dinner; Cindy for dessert cake; the Pig was fed. The Mission statement read by Carl and Madhumita. Minutes of Dec. '09 meeting circulated; Cindy moved to accept; Bill seconded; minutes accepted.   Susan (President) formally announced she is not going to run again.  Bill (V.P.) will run again next yr, but time schedule has changed and he will not have as much time; said if anyone wants to take his spot, please do. Fred, (as past President) explained what it entails; lead meeting, also, being chair of committees; whatever your skills are, do it.  

Treasurer's Report by Madhumita: We have $6.700. Money for compilations cd (from grant), some for dvd and music to library. After allocations, not sure; she will look into operating expenses; we don't have many.  

Solstice Celebration and two Urban H20 shows: Comments on Katonah Club House (KCH): general agreement with Ruth that it was a "great room"; Carl likes having it our own (TH) party as we did this year. Rick likes both private and public – 1st Monday Dec., have TH party at KCH and then use Bezcek to have our annual show; if there with Urban H20, would be less formal than in the past. Our party can be rehearsal for show. (12/18 or 19 are date possibilities; 3rd Sat. in Dec, idea has not yet been presented to Urban H20 and Bezcak.).   Matt wants to have our summer and winter TH 'hang' with decisions by consensus; being sensitive to folks not there and consult with entire group to make decisions, keeping it clean as possibilities. Rick stated that nothing is decided until we have these meetings; this is what we are doing now. Joe D, & Bill W. commented that what is being discussed is whether TH solstice should be "our" event or public, and, the direction that folks wanted it to go. Rick liked that it was informal, we just jammed and everyone went along; wants to address the non working fireplace in KCH.  

Spuyten Duyvil and Urban H20 Shows at Bezcak: Rick states – they're going good, first show not big TH turnout. Last show with Rick Nestler – lots of Rick's and Nestler's people, not many TH turnout yet we are bringing in enough people as not to dip into security deposit. Rick is trying to get summer/fall shows; will have selection committee that does not include TH musicians, who will work out dates, real nitty gritty of site/shows. He sent info to the three Ricks; wants ideas that are flexible to make it collaborative. Jay is concerned about how money is shared; it is very clear on site – very pro artist (2 acts $350 guarantee, then split door).  

Tarrytown Music Hall: We continued our discussion about best way to get our deposit back. We voted to pursue a legal option if needed. Catherine is willing to help out and mediate; a motion was made and a majority supported it.   Folk Alliance: Susan submitted the annual application for renewal of group membership so we should be members again next year; money contributed to TH is tax deductible. Cost: last year, $215; this year, $235 this yr.  Compilations cd – done except for work on art work and needing some help in negotiations with Oasis to get good packaging; should be done in month or so.  

River Songs : Rick met with Simon Feldman to produce video and get ready to broadcast on cable TV etc.; if we want to produce a dvd it will cost more.  Next steps include - make product, show to us, see how we want to go with it, condense to an hour, consider burning to dvds. Rick re-masters music.

TH Website: Eric is working on a website comm. He may take offer from Rick's nephew; needs our Slab Media contact information so he can call them. Erik is looking at site to determine how information flows and if its 'architecture' can be improved. He proposes changes to panes – navigation links on both sides is confusing, so delete right side. Also delete archives section which takes user to another site and is not much value with ten year old press; proposes that team comes up with a mock up and bring to our meeting. Rick suggests to just work within Slab Media's templates; Eric says we don't have to use their templates; will ask them for a test site. Rick has code embedded in our mailing list which will be needed to send tests out to list. Eric wants Rick's wish list for site enhancement.

Songbook: Matt has heard from half the artists and waiting to hear from others in next 2-3 wks; has received charts and permissions. Upon completion, Fred will complete acoustic demos for websites on widget player that people can play but not download.  

Annual June Meeting: We decided to schedule it on Sat. 6/12, the week before the Clearwater Festival; we hope it will be our cd release party.   Committee Head: Bill needs someone to head its committee; calls for volunteers (they do not have to be board members). Carl explains what it entails and has a clear outline of what needs to be done – it's fairly easy to coordinate parts, the main thing is to be there. Bill will mail outline to board member Bill and Carl will work with volunteers; whoever is "chair" will set policy.  

Honorary Lifetime Member: We discussed who we want for this year... Recommendations included Rick Palieri, Sonny Ochs, Nora Guthrie, Catherine Michaels from WHUD radio. Many like Sunny who does lots for the community of musicians and promotes singing or Nora around Woodies's birthday is nice idea. Matt suggests we choose two candidates, vote, reach out to first choice, and if does not work, reach out to next. Rick suggests we make Sonny our new TH lifetime member; Matt makes motion; Fred seconds; motion is carried.  

Falcon Ridge: Bill will send request for Committee Head in his email.  Rick suggests putting our camp on side of lower camping area this year so that we can have things going on throughout the day.

New Business: Richard Clark is now booking acts for Paulie's in Pleasantville, he had a conversation with Janice and then Rick. He wants to book TH as a collaborative "TH Review" for night of Sat. 7/10, after the Pleasantville Music Festival, which we have not been a part of in recent years. Paulie's holds 200 and is located right next to festival site. We will proceed as a "TH Presents"; vote held for this motion by James; seconded by Iris; the  motion was carried.  

9;45 pm: Jay motions to adjourn; Bill seconds; meeting formally adjourned.
*Minutes taken by Janice Rost