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Business Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting

June 13, 2015 Annual Meeting and Hootenanny

CALL TO ORDER: 6:00 pm
George Gierer, President opens with words of welcome.

Tom moves to accept 4/13/15 minutes. Pete seconds. Motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report by Thomas Morgan, Treasurer
Opening checkbook balance – 04/01/2015$4691
•Donations    $122
•Tribes Hill Presents
oSong Writers Workshop$630
oEmbark  $80
Total    $832

•Song Writers Workshop   $690
•Web hosting – Slab Media     $54
•Arts Westchester Membership   $100
Total                $844
Note:  *Checks have not cleared ($1,334)
Closing checkbook balance – 06/13/2015$4679
(Closing balance with cleared checks)$3345

BOARD: George Gierer, Tom Morgan, Mary Beth Kean, Iris Cohen, Judy Kass, Larry Kolker, Scoot Horton, Susan Kane, Ira Levin, Julia Bordenaro, Gannett Ries, Elaine Romanelli, Steve Scholle, Pete Shafran, Pete Tamburrini

Resignations: Michael Rock (Vice President), Janice Rost
Tom moves to ratify Board. Pete Seconds. Motion passes.

OFFICERS: George Gierer will continue as President. Tom Morgan will continue as Treasurer. Mary Beth Kean will continue as Secretary.

Iris moves to ratify Scoot Horton as Vice President. Pete seconds. Motion passes.

Tom motions to adjourn. Mary Beth seconds. Motion accepted.
Meeting Adjourned: 6:15 pm