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Business Meeting Minutes


Tribes Hill Business Meeting Minutes (12/6/10)

Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director
Matt Turk, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary

Board Members
Mike Morris
Joe Cromwell
Curt Schmidt
Jay Mafale
Carl Knobloch
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Mary Beth Kean
Cindy Cromwell
Phil Dollard
Rick Anheman
Joe Duraes

Board Members Not Present
Eric Puente
Fred Gillen Jr
Barb Prisament
Mark Miller
Bill Wisnowski
James Durst
Steve Kirkman
Mike Kornfeld
Andy Craig
Lara Herscovitch

Non Board Member Committee Heads
Mark Miller, Urban H20

Minutes - 12/6/10
Matt called meeting to order at 7:38 pm
The mission statement was read by Rick R.
Motion by Cindy to accept Sept ’10 Minutes accepted (after spelling corrections); Susan seconded motion.

President presided with his agenda as follows:

Treasurer’s Report: Susan reported bank totals. Since last July, we’re in good shape with revenues from donations, memberships, and cd sales (retail and participating artists buying to sell).

Membership: (Committee Bill W, Susan L and Mark)
Discussion on Board Member Dues regarding whether to continue collecting dues or change to the new proposal; this philosophical shift would eliminate dues (much work to manage) and move to voluntary contributions and fundraising.  It’s reported there is nothing in bylaws to prevent this change.
Matt is looking for people to contribute at different levels - need committee to structure this.  At times, Carl represents Bill W, committee head who is not present.
The committee needs to handle details, including, records keeping, defining various levels, member registration form for Curtis to put on site, etc.
Mary Beth moves to vote to eliminate dues and move from a dues based organization to a contribution based organization; seconded by Jay; motion accepted. The responsibility and authority now goes to Bill and his Committee to figure out system.

Website: Committee: Rick R, Eric, Curtis
Cutis and Rick R report restructured site is ready to launch after glitch in platform fixed; hope to have it launched before end of year.

First Monday Venues: Committee: Jay, Pete, Curtis  
Rick R: still need some definitive offers for next month’s gathering and find a permanent or floating venue for gatherings and meetings. Cindy notes need for food volunteers. Committee will take action.

CD: Committee for Post Production: Susan, Curtis
Rick R states the “We’re All Here” cd has been on top 25 folk dj list for two months straight; some musicians have sold and requested more to sell, this shows it’s a working model. We’ll continue to use postcard ad; Matt reminds us that keeping records about our cd is important inventory that funnels to treasurer. Discussion; Jay suggests simple spread sheet; Matt will do this with a ledger. Madhumita will create retroactive report and send it to Susan. Carl asks if sending cds to libraries is funded; Rick R says this is planned.

Solstice: Committee: Mark, Rick R, Janice, Mary Beth; Iris as consultant.
Iris has 20-22 submitted songs, seeming like nice mixture. Madhumita reminds that we need to plan food, and so, discussed: Potlucks at both events; Cindy volunteers to make pasta for 30-40 for rehearsal holiday party.
Publicity discussion - Beczak does some, TH does some thru website and individual members do it thru own sites and lists; Urban H2O for flyers. No advance tickets; $10 suggested donation at door.
Madhumita and Janice volunteer to cover door; need volunteers for other tasks.  

Folk Alliance, Memphis:
A number of Tribes Hill members are attending the Annual Folk Alliance event in Memphis. Matt created a blurb for the printed program, will do a two hour multimedia presentation telling origin of TH/Rick’s story, etc. Capacity is about 75 people in the room. Curtis addressed reduced pricing offered to Tribes Hill members attending.

Directional Committee for Organization: Committee: Rick R, Joe C, Iris, Madhumita, Rick A, Cindy, Bill W?
Joe C sent Matt an email re method of organization including: we have a great product, need to get more people involved, communicate how we define and “engage” a “member.” Madhumita agrees we need to set goals. Jay likes Joe's suggestions and is interested in the role of this committee. Rick R wants to hold meetings to brainstorm. Rick R: next yr is ten year anniversary; he wants to move away from director in charge and move toward finding a paid director.

Secretary’s Report: Re Committees, Janice stated she has skeleton list of committees which will need ongoing updating and placement on website. She has requested and still needs responses from committee heads describing the committee’s function as well as assignment of committee heads, where needed, before placing on site. Once on site, members and board will update TH Committees there. Janice will send current list to again request responses.    

Annual Meeting: Committee: Carl, Mary Beth
Carl asks who will run the Annual Meeting; Mary Beth, if available that day, will run it and help plan regardless.  Pete: we need to encourage membership to reach out to join committees

Mary Beth moves to adjourn meeting; Iris seconds. Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Addendum to Minutes:  The following is a summary of report on NERFA that Bill W. (absent from meeting) sent to Board of Directors and Tribes Hill NERFA 2010 Team.
NERFA: “…The new format that was dreamed up weeks before NERFA was the best! And the Tribes Hill members who pulled it off are even better!!”
Bill gave examples of teamwork, acknowledged individual team members, and suggested adjustments for next year.
“A thank-you to all Tribes Hill members who visited, jammed and made possible the success of our NERFA room, exhibit table and showcases.
Bill W., Tribes Hill NERFA 2010 Team Leader”