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Business Meeting Minutes

2011 Annual Meeting  

Annual Meeting Minutes 6/12/11

Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director
Officers Present
Matt Turk, President
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President 
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary 

Board Members:
Madhumita Chakrabartti
James Durst
Curt Schmidt
Cindy Cromwell
Jay Mafale
Fred Gillen Jr
Mike Morris
Mary Beth Kean
Joe Cromwell
Phil Dollard
Barb Prisament
Mike Kornfeld
Eric Puente 
Carl Knobloch

Board Members Not Present: Bill Wisnowski, Steve Kirkman

Committee Heads:
Mark Miller, Urban H20
The meeting called to order by our President at 4:45 pm
Previous Minutes (March 2011) were reviewed. Motion by James to accept; Cindy seconds; minutes accepted.

President Matt presided as follows:

Tribute to our honoree Lisa Grey: in her absence, Matt accepts the honor reading the words Lisa submitted…

Tribute to Jack Hardy, deceased 3/11/11: Matt speaks a bit about him as a special person lost from the folk music community. Jack Hardy was a folk singer and folk music promoter whose Greenwich Village recordings and songwriting workshops kept alive the neighborhood tradition of counterculture troubadours. Jack’s Sunday song circles inspired Rick to start Tribes Hill. We plan to tell more stories about him at the campfire tonite.

TH Organization: Matt said there are big changes in how we run our organization to promote a culture of volunteerism and 'paying it forward'. We are encouraging a volunteer operation and have discontinued traditional membership dues. The changes require us to update and amend our Bylaws; a printed copy of the current Bylaws was made available for anyone to see.

Board Members: We reached our maximum at 22; Matt asks if anyone wants to step up or down to let us know. He will go around and check with attendees.

Jay Mafale joined those who resigned as reported in the March business meeting minutes; we appreciate his contributions this year.  Steve Scholle and Bob Kresse stepped up to join the remaining Board Members; we welcome them as new members. We are now in compliance with Bylaws.
Previous Officers and Board Members remain the same.

Mary Beth motioned to reappoint Matt as President, Susan as Treasurer, Janice as Secretary, and Pete as Vice President; Iris seconded. Also to reappoint Iris as Assistant Director which Attendees affirmed.

Cindy motioned to accept Bylaws; Attendees affirmed.

Falcon Ridge: Mike Kornfield speaks about Acoustic Music Scene tent. There will be a Lounge tent with sound system on Thursday nite, and an open song circle Friday and Sat. nights.

Memphis Folk Alliance International: Matt talks about this gathering. Tribes Hill hosted an official Folk Alliance International panel with James Durst, Anthony DaCosta, Lara Herscovitch, Matt Turk and the YaYas leading. Attendance was low. Notably WFUV's John Platt, New York Promoter Maggie Landau and members of several song societies/communities were present: Pittsburgh, Cleveland & San Francisco, as well as several fans. We sang as well as delivering our message, though the conference seemed dominated by artists hungry for personal success in light of a great shortage of venues, versus community building, fulfillment and success through craft.

Treasurer’s Report:  Susan reports…
As of 6/11/2011 TH had $2,284 in cash, down from $2,526 in March.  
Since July 1, 2010, the beginning of our fiscal year, we have recorded income of $3,047.  The primary components were: a little over $1,000 in donations/ contributions, and $1,254 in memberships, which we no longer collect.  We sold $553 worth of CDs.  
This compares to 2010 income of $3,954 and expenses of $11,044 [expenses were higher reflecting expenditures on the RiverSongs DVD and “We’re All Here” CD]
Fiscal 2011 expenses were $2,866.  Major expenses included expenditures on upgrading the website, advertising [Acoustic Live, and radio mailing for complementary CD] and our annual dues to Folk Alliance.

MaryBeth motions to adjourn meeting; Joe seconds; motion accepted.
President closes meeting at 5 pm