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Business Meeting Minutes



Fredrick Rock, Executive Director
Iris Cohen, Assistant Director
Pete Tamburrini, Vice President
Susan Kane, Treasurer
Janice Rost, Secretary
Phil Dollard
James Durst
Mary Beth Kean
Carl Knobloch
Mike Morris
Steve Scholle
Bill Wisnowski
Cindy Cromwell

Matt Turk, President
Eric Puente
Fred Gillen Jr
Barb Prisament
Madhumita Chakrabartti
Joe Cromwell
Steve Kirkman
Mike Kornfeld
Bob Kresse
Curtis Schmidt

MINUTES (1/16/12)
Call to Order: by Vice President at 8:20 pm
Previous Minutes – Sept. 2011: were reviewed. James motions to accept, Iris seconds; minutes accepted.
VP Pete (representing Pres. Matt in absentia) presided as follows:

WEBSITE: We need more contributors in addition to Eric, Rick, Janice and Fred; Iris added. Eric, as committee head, needs to organize and his note to solicit new members needs to go out. We to post more on website – including TH bylaws, committees, a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. We can connect with Rich Cuccaro and Mike Kornfield for posting the newsletter he writes on our site.
We can let membership know we will have a newsletter and ask if they want to contribute. We have about 440 signed on as 'members.'

URBAN H20: Mark was replaced by Honor Finnegan as Committee Head. Mark asked by Cliff to be music director of Beczac. Urban H20 still TH, yet now has more autonomy. Musicians at Beczac shows have been well paid well; Beczak and TH were not paid. Discussed - how to get more artists submissions. TH will choose artists for shows in months of Feb, May, Aug, Nov. (experimental); Mark is now going after artists, not soliciting. James raised concerns about noise/talking from back of venue interfering with show; suggest that host remind guests to turn off phone, be considerate with conversation…

NERFA: Carl and Bill reported: TH cancelled our showcase room this year because a last minute constraint requiring two registered bodies in a room did not leave us enough time to find the second person. Seems like this rule was never enforced and many others affected. We focused on our table in the Reception Hall; we were successful even without showcase room, and had less organizational work. Next yr, whoever gets the room will decide who performs; active TH members can use table. There is now a $75.00 fee. James moved, Cindy seconded; report accepted.

FALCON RIDGE: Rick reported: TH joined camp with Stuart Kabak’s Pirate camp; a wonderful match that spilt up music on hill and below worked well. Captain Lawrence gave us a beer deal.

SOLSTICE SHOW: Rick reports: One of the best Solstice Shows ever! TH and Beczak each made $375. We appreciated that Iris and Pete donated sound.

BOARD: Curtis resigned; Cindy motions, Bill seconds; motion accepted.

COMMITTEES: List updated at meeting to reflect changes. Iris moves, Steve seconds to accept amended list. Pete will write letter for entire membership re. Committee Heads not present at meeting need to submit report prior to meeting.
“Grants” needs a committee.

FOLK ALLIANCE: Rick and Susan reported. We resubmitted our membership bill.
? moves, Phil seconds, motion accepted

ARTS WESTCHESTER: Rick reported we have not renewed membership lately. Discussed continuing membership, costs, waiting til we need them to pay again as we do not have to be a member to get grants. Decided to table this for now.

TREASURES REPORT: Susan reports as of 1/16/12:
Bank: $1,994.11  PayPal: $510.84  Donations: $0. = Totals $2,504.95
As of 9/18/11  Tribes Hill had cash of $2,101.95; $510 in PayPal and $1,591 in bank.  
As of 2/12/12 Tribes Hill has cash of $2,504.95; up by $403

Income and Expenses  7/1/11 – 1/12/12
$375 Solstice fundraiser
$350 Donations (pig)
($70) Falcon Ridge catering (Capt Lawrence)
($72) Webhosting
($100) Solstice rehearsal hall rental
($150) NERFA exhibit hall
$333 Net Income

-Folk Alliance Group membership renewal due. Last year it was $150 and $85 ($235)
-We also need to file our tax return
(MaryBeth moves; Bill seconds; report accepted)

MUSIC TO LIBRARIES: We have an availability of funds for this project (earned from TH participation in Pleasantville Music Festival). We need a list of libraries; Susan will pursue getting this list thru her contacts as library board member. An official committee needs to be formed.

MEMBERSHIP: Dues discussed: Matt said many people wanted to know about dues. Rick proposes - if someone wants to reinstate dues they should submit petition with active members names and explanation of benefits and who would be on committee to do the work involved. Rick will discuss with Matt as well as direction committee. We should have a list of donators on website; also remember to put donation jar out at each venue.

BOARD: Rick reports that he will be spending part time out of NY and cannot do as much work. He is reassigning “Assistant Director” title to “Co-Director.” Rick read his list of what he will continue to do and will write list of what needs to be delegated. Iris will advise with Rick at every committee; Iris states she needs to know what all her responsibilities will be. Carl moves, Cindy seconds; change accepted.

TTMH: Rick reports on continuing work towards our show.

ADJOURNMENT: MaryBeth motions; Susan seconds; motion accepted.
CLOSING: Vice President closes meeting at 10:10 pm